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2010年7月11日 星期日

Conclusion of CX mobile

To conclude, mobile marketing can be viewed as the next generation of corporation promotional medium, to extend its communication interface and interactions with its customer base. One point to take notice is that the development of mobile marketing is pivoted by the rapid development of mobile device technologies. Hence, mobile marketers must constantly update the current mobile technologies so that they can provide the best technology available to their customers. By doing so, end users will benefit and can enjoy the service and technology available.

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Cons of CX Mobile

There are several weaknesses in mobile marketing applications. First, all applications are only compatible for smart phone models with full internet connection functions only and smart phone users cannot use the application if the connection fails. In addition, Apps only provide general information and data which the owner of the application would prefer to promote and presents to users. In other words, customers can only get information from what the apps provide, while they will need to ask directly with CX on special inquires such as meal manuals or entertainment services. Therefore, no direct customer services in CX Mobile. As the result, CX should add “Customer Inquires” feature in CX Mobile and put more manpower to monitor inquires, update information constantly and double check the information before input the data to application in order to avoid human errors.

Benefits gain from CX Mobile

CX Mobile could help shortening the check-in process, whereas passengers could check-in and select the seat via smart phone and issue the boarding pass at the airport by Self Check-in Kiosk themselves. All the transaction data can be saved at both customers’ smart phone and CX’s data base automatically. It provides access to significant cost saving as less manpower is involved by comparing to traditional check-in process. CX would adjust the team or internal transfer the manpower from check-in counter to other departments. Since the application is more convenient to frequent business travelers, it helps to acquire the new frequent business customers from the competitors. Moreover, passengers could check the real time flight details and schedule via mobile devices and they can book the flight immediately for the emergency travel. All these could help CX to gain more profit in this competitive market by offering the value added services.

2010年7月5日 星期一

How Cathay Pacific Airways adopt Mobile Marketing on its business?

Recently, Cathay Pacific Airways has launched “CX Mobile” application to smart phones users. This application is not only applicable for i-phones, but also compatible for other mobile devices e.g. BlackBerry, Java-enabled mobile phones (such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung etc.). The main goal for Cathay on this campaign is aiming to extend their customer base.

After downloaded “CX Mobile”, smart phones users can check below information anytime.

This application is especially convenient for the frequent business travelers which offer less time consuming browsing for flight information via mobile phones. Passengers can even access check-in and seat selection function via “CX Mobile”. They may directly save the barcode on the mobile or choose to send the check-in confirmation and barcode via SMS or email.

When arriving at the airport, they can scan the barcode display at Self Check-in Kiosk, a computerized machine which performs airline check-in functions, to issue the boarding pass, accelerate the entire check-in process. Other than the basic flight information, “CX Mobile” offers “City Guides” for the mobile users. Travelers can get useful and important information from the travel experts , which help to prepare the trips.

Accordingly to Cathay Pacific Manager of e-Business, Lawrence Fong, the number of passengers using CX Mobile online check-in services or self check-in grew 75%, about 2.2 million passengers have used this services.

This application is very popular among the frequent business travelers segment and CX will continuously provide the relevant mobile technologies or application in order to retain customers’ loyalty and also acquire the new customers, as to enlarge the reverence sources.

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Evolution of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is commonly recognized as a pivotal tool of marketing communication via mobile devices. SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Message Service) are increasingly adopted by marketing managers to distribute their promotional or advertising messages to their customers, such as mobile phone subscribers, to save costs from the traditional media, e.g. TV broadcasting or Newspapers.

Recently, smart phone has becoming more popular as it has more advanced computerized functions than the traditional phone. Smart phone users can install many advanced applications or software in their handset device and they can browse through mobile web everywhere, whether in the shopping mall, café or even public transportation.

According to “Browsing by Device Category Trend” from “Netmarketshare”, we can find that the percentage of browsing via Mobile is continuously on the rise which means that more and more people access the web pages through mobile devices

Browsing by Device Category Trend
August, 2009 to June, 2010

Marketers foresee the potential of mobile marketing and they are now paying more attention and efforts on it. Other then SMS and MMS, some marketers may promote their brands by providing the useful application platform to mobile users which is free of charge, such as Google Apps. These free mobile applications help to communicate and engage with the customers in an interactive way via mobile device. For instance, Google, has launched the new smart phone “Nexus-One” in Jan 2010. Later, Yahoo has also announced to launch its first mobile phone in Asia in the coming quarter.

In general, mobile marketing is an effective and inexpensive way for promotion in recent year.


Usage of Mobile phone rasie

Yahoo Phone

Browsing by Device Category Trend

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Cathay Pacific

I am going to talk about mobile marketing of Cathay Pacific in this blog.